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Yuantai the Happy Man

The Happy Man Story
Yuankang and Yuantai - Guess which is which?
The beginning
Let me share with you my story, and hope that it will encourage you in your own journey.

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I was born in a middle income family. My father was a sailor (no, not Popeye! but close, haha!) and my mother quit her job as a bank clerk to take care of my brother and I when we were in primary school.
(Yes, I have a clone of myself, and I am the Evil clone... haha!)
My mother was a strict disciplinarian, and she made sure that we behaved ourselves. She made sure we studied hard, and she kept telling us that success in life is through getting good grades, getting into good schools and graduating with a good degree.
And so I did exactly as I was told.
I went to Montfort Primary, did well in my PSLE, got into Raffles Institution, did well for my O levels, got into Hwa Chong, did well for my A levels, got into Pharmacy in National University of Singapore.
I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) and practiced as a community pharmacist in retail chain.
Yuantai and Prof Eric Chan

Yuantai at graduation Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy)

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Graduation, and...arriving?
I seemed to have everything that people would have wanted. Good grades, a cushy job.
But yet, deep down, I was not happy. And I did not know why.
(I felt like Neo when he was plugged into the Matrix.)
And hence, I started to embark on a journey of self discovery in the pursuit of happiness.
I decided to quit my job, and start a business. But what business can I start?
The first business I started was a venues portal. It was in an area that I am totally unfamiliar with.
I did not have the experience, the knowledge nor the network to do the business.
And I was struggling to bring in the income to feed myself and my family.
To make myself feel better, I told my wife that I will look after the house. Mop the floor, scrub the toilet, do the laundry, groceries etc (Yes, Caleb Low, I can fully empathize with you!)
Even though I believed that I had something of value, but nobody valued what I had.
Nobody knew. Nobody cared.
I was broke and unsure of my direction.
Doubts begin to creep into my mind. Was I too hasty and too foolhardy?

Yuantai and Spam

I've been going the wrong direction!
But then, something was happening to me.
I was slowly discovering happiness.
Why was I happy?
This is because when I was on the seemingly lonely journey, I realized that I was not alone.
I had support from around me.
My favourite super hero, my spouse and partner, my wife.
My parents and my close friends.
And even people whom I have met along the way, strangers like yourself, who have generously extended a helping hand to me.
And I begin to look around and see that there are also people who are on this journey, trying their best to start a business or keep their business going.
Even though I don't have much, but I was able to help some people along the way.


And then it occurred to me...
that this is indeed the happiness that I have been looking for:
The secret of happiness lies in helping others to succeed.
The secret of happiness lies in the generosity of the heart.
And I believe that if I can inspire 1,000 people to do likewise, I can create a positive impact in the community.
This is why I decided to start the Happy Man Club.
My mission for the Happy Man Club is to create a community of men who help each other and spread happiness.
If you would like to be a part of Happy Man Club, just drop me an email

Thank you, for taking time to read my story!

Yuantai and PM Lee
Yuantai and PM Lee
Yuantai and Lam Pin Min

Yuantai and football star Jermaine Pennant
Yuantai and football star Jermaine Pennant

Yuantai and Ho Ching, Prime Minister's wife
Yuantai and Ho Ching, Prime Minister's wife

Yuantai and Yam Ah Mee
Yuantai and Yam Ah Mee
Yuantai and minister Mah Bow Tan
Yuantai and Minister Mah Bow Tan

Yuantai on Mt Kota Kinabalu
Yuantai on Mt Kota Kinabalu

Yuantai on Mt Rinjani
Yuantai on Mt Rinjani
Yuantai and Richard giam
Yuantai and fund raiser Richard Giam

Yuantai at Porto
Yuantai at Porto
Yuantai and Lamborghini HuracanYuantai on Mt Fuji
Yuantai climbing Mt Fuji (left)
Yuantai and Lamborghini Huracan (right)

Yuantai at Liverpool Football club

Yuantai at Liverpool Football club

Yuantai at community PAYM event
Yuantai at community PAYM event
Yuantai is the events man. He helps companies save time and money by finding great venues to host events. He creates powerful and meaningful launches and memorable dinner and dance. He specializes in the Disney customer service, strategic communication, vision and mission crafting and design thinking. The team is only as strong as the weakest link, and the happy man's job is to ensure every member delivers excellence.
Yuantai and johnny lai, boss of Acc-Pro Business Group
Yuantai and Johnny Lai, boss of Acc-Pro Business Group

Yuantai is the marketing man. His main focus is in social media channels. He has helped many businesses increase their brand equity and reach through social media. He helps businesses communicate their branding image and values to their target audience in crystal clear manner.
Yuantai conducting a workshop on facebook marketing


Yuantai is your partner and friend. 

Drop him a message or email him. 


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